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A call-out to Danny and Nicky Cowley – move on from an an owner parlaying different “visions” for total control over transfers (1)

and step up from the Championship to the Premier League with Telegraph Fantasy Football, where transfers are all your own.

To Nigel Pearson (2) – forget wrestling with wolves and wrestle with the whether to select Wolves players, Jiminez and Traore, on any given matchday.

Here at Telegraph Fantasy Football Guide there will be no recourse to a crystal ball or complicated algorithms, but drawing from a

vault of stats from seasons past,

various strategies,

the odd hunch

and some timely transfers

will coalesce to produce the perfect alchemy for an all-conquering fantasy football eleven – hopefully.

For a stab at this, five different teams have been selected – all subject to change before the big kick-off – and their performance monitored throughout the season.

No pressure, then.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Kane or Aubameyang? Vardy?

All – or none – of the above?

A block (all from the same team) defence? A block team even?

Are attacking full-backs always a better bet than centre-backs?

Picks from the promoted teams?

A transfer strategy?

All these and other head scratching conundrums will all be dissected.

And where are the bargain buys?

Last season, Liverpool’s Alexander-Arnold might have been the top scoring defender with 207 points for a price tag of £4.5million.

But compare the 46 points he accrued per £1million with the 64.6 points per £1million of the unheralded George Baldock at promoted Sheffield United. At £2.4 million he proved the best value for money defender- accruing 155 points.

And when you’re attempting to shoehorn the likes of a budget busting Aguero (£7million) and Aubameyang(£6.8million) into a team for £50million……

But who, if anyone, might take Baldock’s mantle for the coming season?

There’s no recourse to a crystal ball, and not much advice, save for retaining some transfers for the Cup Final – the writer jumped 18,000 plus places on the final day after supplementing Auba with a goalscoring Pulisic, Mount, Giroud and Martinez.

The site won’t pretend to have all, or even some of the answers, but will aim to provide ample food for thought as you ponder your own selections.

And we’d like to hear your success, and not so successful – stories, (the writer once jettisoned Kevin Phillips for Michael Owen on the morning the Sunderland forward scored a hat-trick)

It’s all based on the Telegraph’s version of Fantasy Football – to which this site has no official affiliation – so a budget of £50million for 11 players whose values remain fixed for the season, 40 transfers per season and FA Cup matches included, but no captains for double points, substitutes or fluctuating player values as found in other versions.

  1. The Sun, 21st July 2020, sacked by Phil Hodgkinson at Huddersfield Town despite overseeing a relegation rescue from an unprecedented one point from their first nine games,
  2. Dismissed amidst rumours of a disagreement with club owner Gino Pozzo despite lifting Watford from seven points adrift in December to three points above the relegation zone with two games to go.


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